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With over10 years of combined experience in:

Brand Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media Analytics, Content Creation, Course/Program Creation, Sales, Website Design, Media Relations, Pitching, Copy Writing  and Speaking. 


... along with their passion and knowledge of personal training and nutrition, have led Chrys and Elle to developing workshops, webinars  and courses to help other fitness professionals set themselves apart and grow their business to its full potential. 

Chrysten Crockett
Coach Chrys.png

Your brand is your story expressed out loud

Name: Chrysten Crockett 

Living in: Atlanta, GA 

From: Cleveland, OH

Loves: All the snacks, helping people, staying busy, working out, coming up with new recipes, gratitude journaling, visiting home, creating content, reuniting, football season.  

Education: BA Journalism, MA Public Relations, NASM PT

Elle Ross

Your brand is your story expressed out loud

Name: Elle Ross

Living in: Atlanta, GA 

From: Seattle, WA

Loves: Helping people, reading, learning something new to promote more personal growth, writing, lifting heavy things, cooking healthy food, spending time with family & loved ones

Education: BA in International Business, ISSA PT & Nutrition

What you'll learn by 

taking this course 

By the end of your course, you'll know how to: 

  • Identify your target audience 

  • Build content to target your HPIC (high paying ideal client) 

  • Build your online program 

  • Develop your systems, processes and automation 

  • Scale your online business

  • Generate ongoing clientele 

  • Design a lead-generating website 

  • Develop copy, SEO and ads

  • Build freedom, flexibility and financial gain

  • Live life on your terms 

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Enroll BEFORE July 1 to get special pricing 


+ payment processing fee

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