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Due to the growing need for fitness professionals to expand their brand, eliminate burnout, make the money they deserve and create more of an impact the concept of the brand trainer evolved. I help whip your brand into shape by teaching you the necessary tools to grow beyond your limitations.  I help you reach your target audience effectively, build effective systems and processes, increase sales, grow your following on social media, build new partnerships and learn to stand out in the fitness industry. 






If you feel like you're at a standstill or just don't know where to start to see changes in your business, your finances, your client development/retention or your brand growth, you are in the right place.


Brand training will help you overcome your business obstacles in a practical way. With realistic next steps and guidance, you will be well on your way to reaching your goals. 






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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Chrysten Crockett, also known as Chrys,  is an ambitious spirit who uses her passion for branding and social media to help others achieve their branding goals.


After receiving her bachelor's degree in journalism from Ohio University, she decided to continue her education at Syracuse University, where she earned her master's degree in public relations from the Newhouse School of PublicRelations.


Her professional journey migrated to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she would work for one of the world's leading public relations agencies. She continued on to work in higher education marketing and soon after B2B digital marketing. Her experience ranges from content creation and branding to SEO, media relations and digital design. 

After making the decision to leave her corporate job, Chrys quickly built a successful fitness business from the ground up by using her social media and branding skills along with the knowledge she gained from being mentored by some of the top fitness and branding experts in the world. 


She now uses her knowledge and passion to help other fitness professionals grow their business and influence by helping them take the guesswork out of becoming successful in the fitness space. 



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