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Don't Let an Instagram Grid Waste Your Time

You ever go to someone's page who has everything outline precisely with a quote on every third box and think, "wow... their page is so organized? Or... they have it all together"


before you go comparing your IG page set up to someone who has a carefully curated profile, think about this...

When people are naturally scrolling through Instagram, how likely are they to go to your actual profile page?

More than likely they're just going to see the images you post before they see the seamless pattern you've created on your profile.

Not knocking organized Instagram grids, hell we use a strategic 3-post grid set up for content calendar organization on @thebrandtrainers page, but here's how to avoid wasting your time or stressing over your IG posts.


If you're not already using some form of automation software to help you stay consistent with your posts, trust me, it saves you so much time and energy. Here are some services/apps that can help



Agor pulse

We now offer this as a service as well, so if you want to take the guess work out of it, and simplify your social media postings, click here to set up a free consultation and we'll help you automate and take the work out of it for you.

2. Have a content calendar

If you don't have a strategy and you're using your IG for business, you're just shooting in the dark. The more strategic you are, the easier it is going to be for you to neglect your social media posting. It's easy to do, especially when you're super busy... next thing you know it's been days, sometimes week's before you post something new.

... and that's just on one platform, imagine the other platforms that you've neglected. Having a content calendar helps you organize what you're posting and why. Your posts should lead to new business. If they're not at least getting people to subscribe or interact with you, you may not be telling the right story, or posting the right content.

Keep your audience in mind, and get strategic.

Download Your Free Brand Story Guide Here

3. Don't let the Grid stop your execution

So many times we see people not posting because they haven't prepared something that fits into their IG grid set up.

If that post is valuable, POST IT. Don't let that grid set up stop your execution. Because guess what... more than likely, you're the only one who cares that much about it.

Sure your page organization may be thrown off from posting, but who cares... get that engagement my friend.

4. Add a content shooting day to your schedule

Whether you're organizing your posts to create a specific grid or not, when you have a content day it helps you have consistent content to post.

Many times people have a good idea and create a video... or they think, oooh this is a great workout or recipe I can share with my audience and decide to record it.

Now that can be great for the moment, but what about when you get busy and you don't have another video or image to post. What if your audience loves those tips, workouts or recipes, but you don't have time to keep dishing them out?

Content shooting days help to make sure you can KEEP providing value on a consistent basis. Set some time in your schedule to create a ton of content in 1-2 days based off of your business/content goals and content strategy.

Now, these tips are great, but they're even greater when you execute. So let's get to work!


If you're having difficulty being consistent and you just don't have the time, resources or guidance you need to really make your brand stand out and grow your business, contact to get help taking your brand to the next level.

We have several solutions to help entrepreneurs and small business owners stop wasting time and start seeing growth in their brand and business.

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