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The best time to send emails

With the rise of social media, email marketing can seem old school or "spammy" to some people. However email outreach still holds more power than most people give it. With strategic copy and the right timing, your emails can be one of the biggest reasons you see conversions (emails turned paying consumers).

One of the main reasons people don't see engagement within their email outreach is because they're not sending the emails at the right times. You have to think about your audience and what they're going to be doing throughout their day.

Here are a few examples for you:

EXAMPLE 1: The average corporate 9-5'er is going probably to be checking emails within the first hour of their work day (about 8:30am-9:30am). After 10pm they're probably going to be too busy to reach what you have to say. They probably won't be back on email watch until after lunch (around 11:30am-1:30pm). If you decide to send an email any time close to 5pm, you can forget it (they're focused on getting home) - and after 6 is a shot in the dark.

EXAMPLE 2: Busy new mom is probably not going to be checking emails early in the morning. She is probably already sleep deprived and hasn't had a chance to get her bearings. Her email peak time is probably going to be late afternoon when she's finally had a chance to catch up on things.

EXAMPLE 3: The entrepreneur millennial could possibly be working a full-time job (of several jobs) and working on their dream at the same time. More than likely they're going to be catching up on work during the evening or in the middle of the night. You'd probably be safe to send them an email any time after 6pm and catch their attention.

Timing matters!

When you don't send an email at the right time, guess what... you get lost in the sea of digital clutter. Don't let your email drop to the bottom of the pile. Understand your audience well enough to know when they'd most likely be paying attention to their email notifications.

If you don't know ASK THEM. We have access to too many tools to use "I don't know" as an excuse. Talk to your audience, study their habits and understand their quirks.

If you already have an established audience and you're actively sending email campaigns, look back at any emails you've sent and look at the analytics. What time did you send those emails? What was the engagement rate like? Did the time make a difference. You can use data like that to test your audience and see what they respond to the most.

The next email you plan to send, remember these tips:

  • What is your audience doing at this time?

  • How likely are they going to be to open it at this time?

  • Are they going to be too busy to respond the way you expect them to?

  • Is the content in the email worth their while?

We will touch on email content in another post but in the mean time if you have any questions about email time frames drop them in the comment section or follow us on Instagram for more tips.

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