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Branding Notes: What We Can Learn from Pumpkin Spice

Just a few years ago pumpkin spice was not synonymous with sweater weather…

That is until Starbucks took the game over and turned it into a fall staple... an accessory even.

As branding pros we know pumpkin spice didn't get it's fame from its irresistible taste (sorry to break the news). It all comes down to the branding. Some pretty damn good branding as a matter of fact.

How is it that a brand can be so powerful that it creates a generational tradition? We'll tell you how...

1. Market research

2. Branding budget

3. Consistency

4. Omnipresence (being everywhere)

Imagine if Starbucks would've just made a pumpkin spice latte available for people to buy but never said anything about it. Never shared it on social media. Just let people discover it on their own if they just so happened to want a pumpkin spice latte and asked one of the baristas.

That's what a lot businesses are doing with their products and services. Creating something great and never giving anyone a chance to buy it. Business owners are neglecting to do their market research, create a budget, stay consistent and put themselves in front of their target audience everywhere they look.

Even without the million dollar branding/marketing budget, your brand can have the same affect as the pumpkin spice craze. You just have to be willing to do the work.

Here are some steps to help you build a buzz and monetize it:

1. Start by understanding what your audience wants. Tap into their minds and figure out how to deliver.

2. Find a consistent way to stand out. What is no one else doing in your market that you can do to provide value. Even if it is something that has been done before, how can you do it better? How can you do it differently?

3. Stop just relying on one social media platform. Be everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube. It helps to batch your content or hire someone to do your social media so you don't have to be stuck behind a computer or phone all day.

Bathcing - Hootsuite

Delegating - Fiverr, Upwork

4. Have a plan and a budget. Don't just wing it. Put some strategy behind your branding efforts. Come up with a main goal, then build your objectives and tactics from there.

Example: Big Goal - To make 200k this year

Objective 1- To sell a minimum of 17K worth of client contracts each month

Tactic 1 - Create new landing pages to convert clients into hot leads

Tactic 2 - Batch strategic audience-specific content for social media at the beginning of each quarter

Always keep your end goal in mind, and don't get lost in the day-to-day tasks. Maximize your time and go 100% each day for your brand.

For more information on:

- How to build a brand that generates more income

- How to create your own schedule and live life on your terms

- How to have more time for the things you enjoy and

- How to do it all with the things you already have

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